A commercial demand deposit instrument signed by the maker and payable on the presentation to the bank on which it is drawn. American Banker Glossary
A bill of exchange representing a draft on a bank from deposited funds that pays a certain sum of money to a certain person or party. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. check check 1 [tʆek] noun
1. [countable] BANKING the American spelling of cheque:

• After a minute, she wrote out the check and placed it on the table.

ˌrubber ˈcheck informal BANKING
a cheque that a bank refuses to accept because the person who wrote it does not have enough money in their account
2. [countable] an examination or investigation of something to see that it is correct, true, or safe and in the condition it should be:

• The fund is monitored regularly by carrying out a check of all outgoing payments against the register.

• You can get a free safety check on your gas fire from British Gas.

• I passed my medical check and was then sent to HQ.

ˈbackground check also ˈbackground investiˌgation HUMAN RESOURCES
an examination by an employer of the background of someone who wants to work for them:

• 30% of all fraud losses would have been avoided if proper background checks had been done.

ˈcredit check [countable] FINANCE HUMAN RESOURCES
a check carried out by a lender or employer, looking at someone's record in repaying loans before giving them a new loan or a job:

• a routine credit check

ˈspot check [countable]
a check on particular things or people from a group, done without warning:

• A spot check of 140 vehicles entering the car park revealed 18 people not wearing a seatbelt.

3. keep a check on to watch or examine something regularly to make sure that it is correct, true, or safe and in the condition it should be:

• It's important to keep a constant check on cashflow.

4. [countable, uncountable] something that controls another thing and stops it from happening more or getting worse:

• Higher interest rates act as a check on government spending.

5. keep/​hold something in check to keep something under control:

• The bank may have to raise interest rates further to keep inflation in check.

6. [countable] the bill you are given in a restaurant at the end of your meal, showing what you have eaten and the cost; = bill Bre
7. [countable] a mark that you put next to an answer to show it is correct or against an item on a list to show that you have dealt with it; = tick Bre
  [m0] II. check check 2 verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to find out whether something is correct, true, or safe:

• Insurance arrangements will be included in the pension scheme, but you should check that cover is adequate.

• Employers have the right to check the criminal record of a potential employee.

2. [transitive] to stop something bad from happening more or getting worse:

• They welcomed the Bundesbank's tighter monetary policy to check inflation and provide for a healthier economic recovery next year.

3. [transitive] TRAVEL to hand your bags to someone at an airport so that they will be put on the plane you are going to take:

• We checked our baggage and went for a meal.

4. [transitive] to make a mark next to an answer or something on a list to show that it is correct or has been dealt with; = tick Bre
check something ↔ in phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive] TRAVEL
to go to the desk at a hotel or airport and say that you have arrived:

• The keycard is authorised automatically when the guest checks in.

• His suitcase was already checked in.

check something ↔ off phrasal verb [transitive]
to write a mark next to an item on a list, showing that you have dealt with it or it is correct:

• Check people's names off as they arrive.

check out phrasal verb
1. [transitive] check something ↔ out to make sure that something is true, correct, or safe:

• I checked out the financial aspects of buying into the company.

2. [intransitive] if information or a document checks out, it proves to be correct or true:

• If your credit limit checks out, you can make a purchase today.

3. [intransitive] to leave a hotel after paying the bill:

• You've got to check out by 12:00.

— see also checkout

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check UK US /tʃek/ verb
[I or T] to make certain that something or someone is correct, safe, or suitable, for example by examining it or them, or by asking someone: »

When the shipment arrived, she checked to make sure nothing was broken.


A security officer checked our bags at the entrance to the building.


I'd like to check my bank balance, please.

check on sth »

The supervisor will check on your progress next week.

check (sth) for sth »

Always check your reports for spelling errors before you hand them in.

check (sth) with sb »

Please could you check the figures with the sales manager?

check that »

Check that you have all the necessary documentation before you travel.

Compare DOUBLE-CHECK(Cf. ↑double-check)
[T] to prevent something from increasing or continuing: »

Our first priority is to control public spending and check inflation.


We tried to check the spread of the rumour that the company was being sold.

[T] to leave something with someone at a particular place, so that they can take care of it for a short time, or so it can be put on a plane or train: »

Please check your coats at the coatroom prior to the meeting.


He checked his baggage as soon as he got to the airport.


These articles may only be carried in checked baggage.

[T] to make a mark next to an item on a list, or to click on a checkbox on a computer screen in order to make a choice: »

Please check the box above to agree to our terms and conditions.

See also TICK(Cf. ↑tick) noun
[I] if information checks, it makes it likely that other information is true: check with sth »

Her statement checks with most of the eye-witness reports.

check UK US /tʃek/ noun [C]
CHECK MARK(Cf. ↑check mark): »

Put a check beside each item that you wish to order.

See also TICK(Cf. ↑tick) noun
an examination of something in order to make certain that it is correct or the way that it should be: give sth a check »

Give the invoice another check before you seal the carton.

carry out/do a check (on/of sth) »

They carried out a check of all the electrical equipment.

regular/routine check »

A regular check is done on all our equipment.

quick/thorough check »

All these documents will need a thorough check before you send them off.

keep a check on sth »

It's my job to keep a check on stock levels.


Security checks at airports have become very strict.

an examination of somebody to see if they are healthy or have a medical problem: health/medical check »

Purchasers of the policy will be required to undergo a medical check.

US (UK bill) COMMERCE a piece of paper given to you when you have finished eating at a restaurant, showing how much money you owe: »

Can we have the check, please?

something that stops something else from increasing or getting worse: keep a check on sth »

The new administration is expected to keep a tight check on inflation.

act/serve as a check on sth »

These controls are designed to act as a check on fraud.

hold/keep sth in check — Cf. keep sth in check
checks and balances — Cf. checks and balances
See also BACKGROUND CHECK(Cf. ↑background check), CREDIT CHECK(Cf. ↑credit check), SALES CHECK(Cf. ↑sales check), SPOT CHECK(Cf. ↑spot check)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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